Community Voices: Whitney’s Story

June 22 , 2023

Dear Champion,

Welcome to the second edition of our new Community Voices newsletter!

Today we’ll be sharing One Chance friend and supporter Whitney’s unfathomable story.

In April of  2021, Whitney’s son Sammy tragically died after a terrifying THC-induced psychotic episode. Because of the loss of her beautiful boy, Whitney now advocates for education surrounding high-THC marijuana & the need for awareness of the potential mental health effects marijuana can cause.  In the last few weeks, Whitney and One Chance have widely shared the deeply concerning, new study featured in Psychological Medicine. Researchers found strong evidence of an association between cannabis use disorder and schizophrenia. The study estimated that as many as 30% of cases of schizophrenia among men aged 21-30 might have been prevented by averting cannabis use disorder. There lies a link between serious mental health hurdles and cannabis use. Read the National Institutes of Health summary of the study HERE

Whitney lovingly created The Sammy Project, a traveling photo exhibit to honor her son. This powerful and beautiful display helps kids and adults destigmatize mental health challenges and enables participants to seek help with their own struggles. View Whitney’s story here.

Thank you for listening to Whitney’s story of heartache and courage and supporting our new Community Voices series! You can view all the stories so far on our website.  

Our ask of you: in memory of Sammy and in honor of Whitney’s courage to speak out, please share their story, info on The Sammy Project, and this groundbreaking data with your friends, families, neighbors, colleagues, and teens you know.

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