Denver 4/20 festival will be ages 21+ and other updates

March 3, 2023

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Denver’s 4/20 marijuana event at Civic Center Park is now restricted to individuals 21 years and older

In 2022, One Chance analyzed attendance records of Denver Public Schools and found a consistent drop in student attendance when April 20th falls on a school day. 

We immediately met with festival promoters, the city of Denver, created a parent petition, and raised awareness in the media. This multi-pronged approach precipitated the first-ever age restriction at Denver’s 4/20 festival and the 2023 4/20 festival, which will be limited to 21+.

Please follow this link for the One Chance 4/20 toolkit, created for communities with problem-solving ideas and specific messaging for students, educators, and parents on how to institute age restrictions at 4/20 festivals in your own communities!

A parent bringing their young child to the 4/20 festival in a previous year

A Victory for Kids! HB21-1317 comprehensive youth protections remain in law

On February 17th, the Colorado Senate Health and Human Services Committee killed Senate Bill 23-081, which would have eroded youth protections from high-potency marijuana products that can harm growing brains. This action will leave reasonable safeguards in place for medical marijuana patients, especially for those ages 18-20.

One Chance’s Executive Director Henny Lasley comments,

“The benefits of the protections passed in 2021 are just now being realized and now was not the time to undermine the body of evidence that demonstrated that the medical marijuana program is a pipeline to our high schools. Additionally, relaxing the responsibilities of recommending medical providers puts kids at risk by putting the burden on patients and families to figure out the dosage, type of marijuana product, and potency of their medication without proper standard medical advice.”

Photo of HB21-1317 passing in the Colorado Legislature

One Chance published in The Colorado Sun-’The marijuana business is doing just fine without national banking legislation’


Colorado’s marijuana industry has generated over $13.8 billion in product sales without any national banking legislation. Those fighting for SAFE Banking claim it’s all about access to traditional banking services and reducing dispensary robberies.  Ensuring there are adequate safeguards for kids should be a pillar of any SAFE Banking Act or national marijuana legislation.

The marijuana industry right now can get loans, banking services, and use electronic payment methods- including accepting debit cards with added cash-back option, transactions made as easily today in a dispensary as a grocery store.

As Diane explains:

“Just follow the money, including the millions spent on lobbying by those looking to profit substantially from the SAFE Banking Act’s passage. Last year, marijuana industry lobbying spending set a new annual record for the sector at $5.4 million.” 

There is great opportunity for much-needed leadership to ensure the interests of kids are prioritized in this discussion.

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