Marijuana laws must put children first

Washington Examiner Opinion Editorial by Diane Carlson and Henny Lasley

After Coloradans voted to legalize recreational marijuana, we met each other in the halls of the Colorado Capitol.

We were mothers of teenagers, political amateurs drawn to the statehouse to stand up for children as the legislature implemented the successful 2012 ballot issue, Amendment 64. VideoNewsmakers: Elisha Krauss and Grant Cardone11:02×05:13/11:02

In a committee room packed with marijuana industry lobbyists, we watched as the task force empowered to create a regulatory structure ranked its priorities. Protecting children came in dead last.

In the decade since then, we have built a national nonprofit organization, One Chance to Grow Up , focused on limiting the harm to children from marijuana commercialization. As the movement to liberalize U.S. marijuana laws grows, too often the health of children remains an afterthought in policy discussions.

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