A large-scale genome-wide association study meta-analysis of cannabis use disorder

This study shows that there is a distinction between an inherited predisposition to cannabis use and cannabis use disorder (CUD). This report also presents evidence that CUD is a serious, psychiatric illness with genetic and neurobiological influences and genetically correlates with other psychopathology, including ADHD, major depression and schizophrenia, along with a strong association with tobacco use disorder. “From a public health perspective, the recognition that cannabis use disorder is a serious form of psychopathology should spur efforts to identify and aid at-risk individuals in the face of escalating cannabis use worldwide, especially among adolescents.”

by Emma C Johnson, PhD; Ditte Demontis, PhD; Thorgeir E Thorgeirsson, PhD; Raymond K Walters, PhD; Renato Polimanti, PhD; Alexander S Hatoum, PhD; et al.

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