One Chance’s Response to Congressional Request for Information

One Chance to Grow Up is pleased to share our response to a recent Congressional Request for Information on today’s “CBD” products led by the bi-partisan and bi-cameral leadership of the House Energy and Commerce Committee and the Senate Committee on Health, Education, Labor, Pensions. 

Download the pdf containing our response here: Congressional RFI Recommendations on CBD

This is an important and timely development, and we urged Congress to take immediate action to establish federal baseline product standards and safeguards, to minimize unacceptable risks and harms. 

These products may contain high amounts of psychoactive THC (in all kinds of variant forms and compounds) and other added harmful chemicals–and yet, they are deceptively being sold as “hemp” or “CBD” in gas stations, convenience stores, and on-line, without age restrictions or adequate product disclosures and warnings. 

 In our response, we include the following recommendations, analysis and conclusions: 

  1. The depth of the problem, and why addressing it should be a high national priority
  2. How the problem developed and the complexity of the the issue
  3. Why it has been a challenge for states to tackle this issue on their own
  4. Recommendations on highly effective best practices and public health approaches that can inform and be utilized in establishing federal baseline standards (many we’ve helped to secure in Colorado, other states and local jurisdictions) 
  5. Recommendations for the development of a separate regulatory pathway due to the complexities involved 
  6. Recommendations on prohibiting conflicts of interest and for-profit industry influence in every step necessary in the establishing and enforcing of national product standards and youth safeguards, and why it matters
  7. Recommendations for federal baseline standards and youth safeguards that allow states the option of building additional protections 

Due to the on-going support of so many, our work continues to inform Congress and national agencies in addition to the work we’ve done at the state and local levels.